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My Daughter insisted on being “Princess Darth Vader” this year. 


Perfection at its finest.

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An early childhood surrounded by books and educational toys will leave positive fingerprints on a person’s brain well into their late teens, a two-decade-long research study has shown. Scientists found that the more mental stimulation a child gets around the age of four, the more developed the parts of their brains dedicated to language and cognition will be in the decades ahead.


Today will forever remain in history as The Day I Trended In Canada, and also The Day J H Williams III Retweeted Me.

If you’re not following my twitter, there’s a whole conversation about sexist attitudes towards comics you might be into.

My favorite quote: 

It’s dismaying that we’re patting men on the back for exhibiting a basic level of empathy, sort of like how we lavish praise on professional athletes who manage to not cheat on their wives or sexually assault college students.

True. Fucking. Story.



The eyes of Afghanistan

Afghan beauty <3 

I think it’s poignant that we look at their faces. It’s so easy to talk about ‘collateral damage’ and ‘successful missions’ when you don’t have to look into the eyes of the people you’re regularly bombing, raiding and breaking down in every way possible.

If you’re going to make their lives hell on every level, you at least owe them the decency to look them in the face when you do it.

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Schools and parents often ban certain books because the content may threaten their children’s innocence. But Donna Jo Napoli argues that exposing kids to difficult subject matter actually empowers them with new ways of thinking and much needed validation of their own problems. (Filmed at…


bahahaha I would tell my kids to say something like this!


bahahaha I would tell my kids to say something like this!

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Every five hours a child dies from abuse or neglect in the US. In fact, America has the worst child abuse record in the industrialised world. Why? The BBC’s Natalia Antelava investigates.

(CNN) — This summer, I met a principal who was recently named as the administrator of the year in her state. She was loved and adored by all, but she told me she was leaving the profession.

I screamed, “You can’t leave us,” and she quite bluntly replied, “Look, if I get an offer to lead a school system of orphans, I will be all over it, but I just can’t deal with parents anymore; they are killing us.”

Unfortunately, this sentiment seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. Today, new teachers remain in our profession an average of just 4.5 years, and many of them list “issues with parents” as one of their reasons for throwing in the towel. Word is spreading, and the more negativity teachers receive from parents, the harder it becomes to recruit the best and the brightest out of colleges.