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This comic is about how there are two sides to every story.

It astonishes me that this comic is still going around. I am still quite proud of the colours in it, though.

This feel. I know it. 





Frozach Submitted

This is literally one of the best things I have ever read. o_o

I laughed out loud for a straight minute.

I can never think of Pac-Man the same way again.

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Raygun Gothic is a bombastic science-fantasy tale that spans 14,000 years of history and the lifespan of one person who is cursed to live that long in protection of humanity. If you had forever, what would you do to make humanity better? Raygun Gothic appears as a serial graphic novel in DRM free format (at ) Parts 1 to 4 are already waiting for your reading enjoyment. Read it online or download the PDF for your e-reader or Ipad for free and share away. (via Raygun Gothic Is Bombastic SF Everlasting - Broken Frontier - Comic Book and Graphic Novel News & Community | News)

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The Nature of Ambition - Grant Snider


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Ever since i saw this image i’m afraid to go to sleep. what if i wake -up and see him staring at me.


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Thor you broke rainbow road!

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Visual Storytelling on Steroids

This is one slide from an incredible example of how graphic journalists are mashing up audio, photography and illustration to tell complex and in-depth stories.

This piece from Luke Radl focuses on the NATO protests in Chicago last month. Matt Bors of Cartoon Movement notes in an email that this may be the first cartoon in which all the text is in HTML, therefore search engine friendly.

Click through the entire piece, listen to the audio and check out the photos here: 

P.S. For more great graphics journalism see Susie Cagle’s Tumblr.

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hay lady. she leanin like hell but I liked it that way


hay lady. she leanin like hell but I liked it that way


Today will forever remain in history as The Day I Trended In Canada, and also The Day J H Williams III Retweeted Me.

If you’re not following my twitter, there’s a whole conversation about sexist attitudes towards comics you might be into.



And here we go! Benign Kingdom Fall 2012! We are go!

Emmy C. 

Anthony Clark

Danielle Corsetto

Aaron Diaz

it was fun doing the video editing for the kickstarter video. I THINK THIS ROUND WILL BE SUPER AMAZING


Late Night With Kitty Martini: What do you see? 


Late Night With Kitty Martini: What do you see?