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What Movies About Slavery Teach Us About Race Relations Today

There are relatively few movies about slavery. Wikipedia lists about 30 total, and that includes films like Birth of a Nation, Gone With the Wind, and Spartacus, which are not especially interested in the experience of slaves in the antebellum South. In comparison, there are more than 180 films about the Holocaust (not counting documentaries). It’s true that the Holocaust was more recent—but, on the other hand, slavery occurred in the U.S., home of Hollywood. You’d think film might have something to say about it.

Perhaps things will change, given the enormous critical success of this year’s 12 Years a Slave. But should we want them to? What do we gain, if anything, from the cinematic portrayal of slavery? What would we get from 180 films about slavery, or from 30? Or, for that matter, from one?

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President Barack Obama Riding a Killer Lion by Artist Jason Heuser

President Barack Obama rides his faithful / vicious lion while showing off his Star Wars Jedi and archery crossbow skills in artist Jason Heuser’s killer new Presidential illustration. 11” x 17” and 24” x 36” prints of his original and variant designs are available to purchase at Jason’s epic art store on Etsy.

I really love the Rampaged Reality love on the stock of his crossbow. The RR logo adds a menacing 1,000 x Damage!

Obama Riding a Lion / Variant by Jason Heuser (Etsy) (CGHUB) (Twitter)

Can a movie really be considered badass when it has a Kenny Loggins-based soundtrack?

And why does Val Kilmer look like someone put a military uniform on Vanilla Ice?


Shy Guy has way too many mask options to choose from thanks to artist Matt Parsons! This “killer” new mash up shirt design is available at The Yetee for $11 until Monday July, 16 2012.

Contest!: Get a chance at winning the shirt for free by commenting and sharing The Yetee’s Facebook post!

Decisions, Decisions by Matt Parsons (RedBubble) (Flickr) (Twitter)

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"When Abortion Was Illegal" - an Academy Award-nominated documentary by Dorothy Fadiman

Emotions aside, if ever you wanted to understand why this right matters to so many women of so many different walks of life, this would be an excellent guide. It might appear a bit dated, considering when it was made, but it’s still just as powerful and relevant today as ever.


DOCUMENTARY: The United States of Hoodoo

Written by Darius James and Oliver Hardt and directed by Hardt, the documentary The United States of Hoodoo explores the influence of African spirituality and religious customs, brought to the Americas by the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade centuries ago, in American popular culture.

Excerpt from the official synopsis:

The United States of Hoodoo is a road trip to the sources of black popular culture in America. The film’s main character is African-American writer Darius James who is known for his often bitingly satirical and self-ironic texts on music, film and literature. The film’s story begins when Darius´ world is turned inside out after his father´s death.

Uprooted from his life in Berlin, he unwillingly returns to his childhood home. All that remains from his father is his mask collection and a cardboard box filled with ashes. His father had been a painter and sculptor, his work drawing deeply on manifestations of African-based spirituality.Yet while he lived he fiercely rejected any idea of being inspired by the old gods of Africa.

Back in a house that is now his, but not quite, Darius finds himself confronted with many questions about his own life. In need of answers he sets off on a search, not for his roots but for traces of the spiritual energy that fueled and informed a whole culture.

(read more)


Would put the poison into your own cup or your enemies’? We will find out with Pete Bessent’s Princess Bride shirt design that is currently on sale at The Yetee for $11 until October 8th.

Contest Time: Get a chance at winning the shirt for free by reblogging this post and commenting at The Yetee’s Facebook page!

Iocane by Pete Bessent (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter)

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Darth Vader gets an artistic calavera skull style given to him by Tumblr artist Jonathan Bergeron. That’s one sweet Sith grill.

Related Rampage: Gangsta Fett

Darth Vader by Jonathan Bergeron (Tumblr) (Society6) (Twitter)

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Bonnie and Clyde - by Aled Lewis

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It’s a droid within a droid in this robotic mash up! Malc Foy’s Star Wars / Droid shirt design is now up for vote at 604Republic. “Bleep Bloop Droooooid!

Droid In Your Droid by Malc Foy (RedBubble) (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)


What’s in the box?! - by Dann Matthews

Tumblr || Website || Twitter || Facebook || Flickr

via: danndesigns

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