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My favorite quote: 

It’s dismaying that we’re patting men on the back for exhibiting a basic level of empathy, sort of like how we lavish praise on professional athletes who manage to not cheat on their wives or sexually assault college students.

True. Fucking. Story.

Muslims today are young, sexually and politically frustrated. This isn’t the strapline of a new reality show, but the conclusions of stereotype-laden analysis from the Daily Beast.

A new wave of Republican lawmakers barged into office after the 2010 elections on promises of fiscal responsibility and a reigning in of government spending. Jobs. The economy. Econo-jobs. While everyone was Tea Partying their pants off and puking star spangled vomit into the potted plants, eager for the tax breaks that never came, newly-elected conservatives wasted no time to get to what they were really after: women’s reproductive rights. And it turns out that attacking birth control and abortion rights is a really great way to totally fuck the economy up.

Hey guys, have you met The Purity Bear? He’s a plush toy who appears to tempted teens and warns them without moving his mouth that going inside a girl’s house will inevitably lead to sex having, and sex having before marriage is literally the worst decision you could possibly make. In spite of…(continued)

In order to even run for political office in this country, one must have an exceptional amount of money, education, hubris, and connections, or some combination thereof. However, in the last decade or so, someone somewhere decided that in order to be the President, you must be the Most Average Person in America. Middle class, middle part, middle white skin, with a medium-hot wife and a medium number of children, all of whom are average. So to appease this defensive mediocrisy that has somehow hijacked the American political process, candidates spend inordinate amounts of energy insisting that they’re super normal rather than solving problems.


I think it’s safe to say my love for Jezebel has been diminished considerably.