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My best friend found this and posted it on her Facebook wall. And now I’m totally losing my shit. 


I’m not sure which is more hilarious - that they misspelled Al-Jazeera on an official advert, or that they actually had an entire conference about this. 

God I love crazy people.

Sara Yasin, you are officially my hero. Dear. God.




I didn’t realize I could hate you more. Well done, that’s quite an accomplishment. So, let’s talk about that “I don’t know PoC well enough to write about them” thing again? Taking into account this time that you actively try to alienate, misrepresent, and avoid them? You are a disgrace.

Lena Dunham is an asshole and a bigot! File that under “shit POC know but that other people don’t really care about”!

Fact: I would love HBO to take Girls off the air. This girl is an ass-hat.

Stay classy, Lena Dunham. Really.

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Diners are a Ramadan tradition for American Muslims. Can someone pass the ketchup?

From Khtija K at Los Angeles, CA

This brings back great memories of me & my best friend - before dawn, at our sketchy local IHOP. *sniffles*


Terrorism has no religion


When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq for oil:

Not Terrorism.

When Serbs rape Muslim women in Kosovo/Bosnia:

Not Terrorism.

When Russians kill 200,000 Chechens in bombings:

Not Terrorism.

When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land:

Not Terrorism.

When American drones kill entire family in Afghanistan/Pakistan:

Not Terrorism.

When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civilians due to 2 missing soldiers:

Not Terrorism.

When Muslims retaliate and show you how you treat us:


It seems like the word “Terrorism” is only reserved for Muslims.

Spread this message and let the world know…

Muslims are not terrorists! Terrorism has no religion!

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White privilege is echoing oppressive dichotomies about Islam that lead to the discrimination and death of Middle Eastern people, and then instantly becoming the victim when you get death threats because of it.

Muslims today are young, sexually and politically frustrated. This isn’t the strapline of a new reality show, but the conclusions of stereotype-laden analysis from the Daily Beast.

Note: Please do not place pocket mahram in a haraam location, especially when batteries are in the device. This is to avoid forbidden sensations.

2001: Driver’s Education on a warm spring day. Despite years of riding in cars, I felt the tremors of Western decadence between my legs once I sat behind the wheel. My hijab felt a little looser, and I was overwhelmed with so many haraam thoughts that I could not hear a word that my driving instructor was saying.  My brush with life behind the wheel showed me a darker element to driving. Professor Kamal Al-Subhi recently warned against lifting the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, as women driving directly correlates with the moral decline of society. I would have to agree with him; the moment that the key to the car rested in my own hand, I did not think of errands or going to school, but of unlocking a world of nightclubs, sin, in a station wagon that was most certainly steered by the devil.  It made me want to wear “a pair of pants so tight that [my] innermost organs were discernible.”** But thanks to Al-Subhi, I resolve to never drive again.

** This part? Not making it up.  It’s a direct quote from Al-Subhi himself.


The trial, which began just last month, has spawned fierce cultural and religious criticism from local media outlets. The culprit here is jejunely labeled Islamic values, and the motive dubbed “honor killing,” with prosecutors strategically using the concept of honor killings and positing Afghan culture—used synonymously with Muslim culture here—against “Western” culture. The result is a media debacle affirmed by the use of provocative and stereotypical verbiage in reporting on the trial.

The subtitle should read: A Dipshit’s Guide to Prosecutorial and Journalistic Integrity.

Intersections International, a New York-based nonprofit that “works at the intersection of communities in conflict” to “promote peace through dialogue using direct service programs, advocacy, educational and informational outreach,” recently published a report called the “Muslim LGBT Inclusion Project.” The report is a narrative summary of the research done by the project, which started in May 2010 to identify “how, and under what circumstances, the voices of queer Muslims can be better understood and articulated.”