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Own the SNES Urinal ⊟

A Craigslist poster in Denver is selling this custom urinal made of SNES cartridges – mostly extremely common sports games, from the look of it. While I have serious concerns about all those grooves and nooks being hard to clean, the seller says that the cartridges have been sealed to avoid leaks.

But be warned, if you’re considering this video game cartridge fixture as a practical item in your home: “I have not hooked this up in a working environment with full plumbing so people can use it.” The good news: “It has never been peed in either.”

I’m tempted to call this a Duchamp-esque artwork, but kind of the whole point of Duchamp’s “Fountain” was that it was already produced for non-art-related purposes. And now I’m thinking way too hard about this.

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Peeing in this === SACRILEGE. 


The bill says the First Amendment only applies to the federal government and does not stop state governments, local governments and school districts from adopting measures that defy the Constitution. The legislation also says that the Tenth Amendment, which says powers not reserved for the federal government belong to the states, prohibits court rulings that would seek to apply the First Amendment to state and local officials.

Well hey, while we’re at it why don’t they go ahead and fully repeal the first amendment, reinstitute slavery, allow for illegal search and seizure, get rid of due process or your right to a jury trial or protection from cruel and unusual punishment, strip women’s suffrage, and not allow people to vote until the fine legislators of North Carolina determine they’re of an appropriate age. Given the current demographic they’re doing the best job of representing, I’m assuming it’ll start at 187. 

Some days, I think I couldn’t be more ashamed of my state. Then shit like this happens.

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A mausoleum and park, dedicated to the memory of Fascist Field Marshall Rodolfo Graziani, has recently been opened in the Italian town of Affile. At a cost of €127,000 to local taxpayers, the mayor Ercole Viri has expressed hope that the site will become as ‘famous and as popular as Predappio’ – the burial place of Mussolini which has become a shrine to neo-Fascists.

Graziani was notorious as Benito Mussolini’s commander in colonial wars in Ethiopia and Libya where he carried out massacres and used chemical weapons against the native populations.

In the 1920s, Graziani was commander of the Italian forces in Libya where he became known as ‘the Butcher of Fezzan’. He was directly responsible for suppressing the Senussi uprisings and the construction of concentration and labour camps. He was also directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Libyans including Omar Mukhtar in eastern Libya.

From 1935 to 1936, Graziani implemented the invasion of Ethiopia before becoming viceroy of Italian East Africa and governor-general of Addis Ababa in 1937. In an attempt to consolidate Italian control over the country, Graziani’s occupation army murdered up to 30,000 civilians in just three days in February 1937. Eyewitness accounts tell of how Italian soldiers doused houses with gasoline and set them on fire. Some even posed on the corpses of their victims to have their photographs taken. In the same month, Graziani ordered the massacre of the monks and pilgrims at the ancient monastery of Debre Libanos. In May, he was responsible for the assassination of up to 3,000 Ethiopian intellectuals. For these actions, Graziani earned his second title: ‘the Butcher of Ethiopia’.


When Todd Akin (the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri) went on television Sunday and explained his opposition to abortion — even in the case of rape — by stating, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,”it was a highly illuminating moment in American discourse. For one thing, it proved that a man with six children can still have absolutely no idea how the female reproductive system works.


As per my previous post, I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that this deserves one giant trigger warning due to extensive discussion of sexual assault and rape.



every time i look at a diagram of a molecule i can’t not see some underwear and a crotch and some legs than have been chopped off

ok here do you see it now?

BUT WAIT it gets worse when you get to more complex molecules like hydrocarbons

and by worse i mean disturbing



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Ladies and gentlement, your Sunday Funday anthem.

That awkward moment when you realize you just morphed the lyrics in “Rack City” to “math city bitch, math math city bitch, 10 10 10 and 20 equals 50 bitch”. In public.


Sexual Orientation (via)


Sexual Orientation (via)

A game is the last place for this type of language, which has very real consequences in peoples’ lives. As people who care about human dignity and the law, to say we are disappointed, does not begin to cover it. 

Attention parents of the world: GameStop is not a babysitting service. That fact was made abundantly clear to 21-year-old Kethia Dagrin-Francois of Florida when police arrested her for child neglect after her five-year-old son was found wandering the parking lot of Boyton Mall.